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Our favorite memories are the Jumprope dance move, the fabulous food and having the two of you being announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Shields"! It was a beautiful ceremony and a terrific reception!!! With Love, Mom, Dad and Mary  
Nancy, Kent and Mary Shields  
Love the Photo Booth pics!!! Great memories of a fantastic day!! Wishing you many years of happiness!! Wtih Love, Mom and Dad  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
The wedding was beautiful! We are so happy to have been a part of it. Have fun in Mexico!!  
Kent, Nancy, and Mary Shields  
HI dears, I am thinking of you today as the really fast part of this ride begins. I hope you are having lots of fun. I am very eager for tomorrow and all the excitement it brings. Love mary  
mary pipher  
I can't believe the wedding is tomorrow! I have had more fun than you can imagine getting ready for this wedding with you. You and Phil make such a great match! I couldn't be happier! See you soon!  
Sara Fleming  
I can't believe your getting married tomorrow! I am SO excited! You will be such a beautiful bride!!!!  
Lisa Asmussen  
Philip & Angie, Congratulations to both of you!! The first of my cousins to get sorry I couldn't make it. I hope you have a great day...the ceremony and reception should be beautiful!! I hope to see you sometime soon. Scott R. Mann  
Scott Mann  
We can't believe your wedding is this week-so exciting!!! It will be such a lovely celebration! We wish you many years of happiness! Our love and prayers are with you! Mom and Dad  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
Hooray hooray-only three weeks to go!!! We can't wait! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! Lots of love!!  
Mom,Dad and Mary Shields  
Happy Fourth of July! Looking forward to the "Big" celebration in only 5 weeks! Each day the excitement is building. We know all the work you have put into the planning-it will be exquisite! It will be a terrific celebration-for a terrific couple! Lots of Love! Mom and Dad  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
The first shower is over and thus it begins. Hard to believe that the time is arriving. I am so happy for the 2 of you and yet I want to slow time a bit too. How did you grow up so fast? I am so very proud of the both of you. Enjoy the ride. Love, Mom xoxo  
janis zegers  
Can't wait to see you both this weekend!! It will be your first wedding shower - a fun filled weekend!  
Mary Shields  
I'm so happy for you Angie! We can't wait to see you at the wedding!  
Angie Nocita  
Your big day is coming near! How exciting! I absolutely love the wedding invites. Gorgeous!  
Marissa Gleason  
2 months from today you will no longer be my future sister-in-law...just sister, but Philip you'll always be my brother! Can't wait to see you both soon! Miss you tons, it's not the same without our dinners together!  
Mary Shields  
Angie andPhilip-Only 2 months until the wedding and we can't wait! The summer will fly by. We are looking forward to your shower! Lots of love,  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
Nancy I'll be sending you the bill for my tux and appearance fee shortly.  
Matt Dunn  
Excitment is building...only 12 weeks before the big day! Everything is falling into place so well - we couldn't be happier for the both of you! Can't wait to see you both!!  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
3 months until the wedding...that means 3 months to use your new gril before it becomes an actual wedding present! Counting down the days...miss you both!!!  
Mary Shields  
Its getting closer!!!!!!!!!!  
Megan M  
Congratulations, Angie and Phil! We wish you all the best in your new life together.  
Ashley & Chris Franks  
Dear Angie and Philip-Only four months until your wedding- time is flying by. We are filled with excitement and good wishes for the two of you! Our love and prayers are with you!! Nancy and Kent Shields  
Nancy Shields  
We could not be any more excited for you two!! It is going to be an awesome day!!  
Brian & Sara Fleming  
Dear Philip and Angie- Looking forward to seeing you on your special day! Hope the sun shines all day. We love you! Grandma and Grandpa Stewart  
Grandma and Grandpa Stewart  
Dear Angie & Phil ... congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! I simply love ur website .... cool pictures! Warm wishes for a wonderful ceremony and a fabulous life together!!  
Shruthi Manjunath  
Angie & Phil- Congrats and we are looking forward to the big day. Great website, really enjoyed pictures and hearing about everyone. You two are great people that make an awesome couple. Ken, Shelley, Colt & Clay PS. I am glad Tony Dungey is going to be there. I had a few coaching questions for Colt's future flag football team.  
Ken & Shelley Lauritsen  
Thanks for supporting the Huskers. If it wasn't for the fans like you, we wouldn't be undefeated against Creighton..  
Doc Sadler  
Just got your 'official save the date' card today. It is offical!!! Hope everything is falling into place as you prepare for the big day.  
Larry and Mary Ann Stewart  
Angie and Phil, congratulation! We are looking forward to attending your wedding! "8" in Chinese culture stands for fortune, and "9" means forever. "8.8.2009" is really a cute date!  
Lu Qiao & Jerry Jiang  
Phil and Angie, Awesome website! The two of you are an amazing couple! We are looking forward to your wedding in August. We have the date saved!!!  
Karen & Tom Zegers  
Phil and Angie, congratulations on your engagement. From looking at all these pictures on this website, I clearly see that the two of you make a great couple. Look forward to attending your wedding in August.  
Jean & Marlon Timm  
Five months and counting!! The time is flying by and the excitement is building! Grandma Stewart was just talking about how she can't wait to dance at your wedding! We are so proud of both of you!  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
Congratulations! We are so happy for you. All our best wishes to you both! Love, Jean, Charlie, Christina, Rachael, Sam, and Gabrielle Daoud  
Jean Daoud  
Philip and Angie- Six months from today we will be dancing at your wedding! We are very excited! Lots of love! Mom and Dad Shields  
Nancy Shields  
I just can't seem to get my pen to sign this guestbook, so guess I will just have to type. Pictures look like two crazy people in love. That's a good reason to get married. Phil, the Colts and the Viks both lacked a couple of key players to get to the Super Bowl. I'd be willing to trade QB. Wish Jan a big Happy Birthday. What a nice kid and only 60. Neat idea for a web site and kudos to the developers. Love to all.  
Winnie and Jack Thompson  
Angie and Phil- I cannot tell you how happy I am for the two of you. You are two of the most genuine and amazing people and I truly love you so much. You are so perfect for each other and it is evident to all how happy you make each other. What a blessed marriage! Angie, you are my best friend and I am honored to be a part of this upcoming day and cannot wait to celebrate with you. Patrick, Olivia, and I love you so much!  
Jenni, Patrick, & Olivia Ortman  
Your website is amazing. Who knew such things even existed?Angie, I remember the day you were born. It will be wonderful to be with you and Phil on your wedding day. Love mary  
mary pipher  
Congratulations to the both of you. We love the website, especially all the pictures. Looking forward to the big day!  
jack and winnie thompson  
This is such a cool sight. Great work you two. Great couple I might add. So happy to have you in our lives.  
Kay & Homer Hoxie  
Philip and Angie~ Awesome website! Looking so forward to celebrating your wedding--it will be as fantastic as you are!  
Mary Ellen, Tim and Megan Ignatius  
We wouldn't miss it! Love the website! Congratulations!  
- The Klofts  
Congratulations Phil and Angie! Awesome site! I can't wait to travel to the Cornhusker State and congratulate you both as husband and wife. I'd be happy to arrive a few weeks early to help with any last minute details. As a matter of fact, I happen to have quite a bit of time on my hands right now so if you wish, I could come now. Just give me a call, I'll probably be home............waiting for you to call. See you soon, Tony Dungy  
Tony Dungy  
I love this website. I do check this as you can see. I say my prayers for you everyday and wish the two of you only the best. I love you much.  
janis zegers  
Oh wow! I am so happy for the two of you. Marriage is the most wonderful thing that will happen to you. Well other than losing your ability to make decisions really isn't all that bad Phil. Good luck and remember to keep it fun!!  
Rory Audino  
Congrats! Maybe we can all get together and discuss wedding planning. If a hurricane happens to come through the gulf during our honeymoon, we will definitely be there.  
Steve Walsh  
I think that's jealousy saying that i'm the second best fifa player in the world. last two games i recall playing there was a 13-4 aggregate. but i'm sure getting married has altered your brain power a little bit.  
thom markeson  
What a great website! It's obvious by all your great pictures that you guys were meant to be together! We can't wait until next August!  
Mike, Karmen, Adam & Ben Hoxie  
Homer (David) and Marg are hoping to attend the event of 2009!! Many many loving congratulations to you both and what a fantastic web site. Makes us feel so close to you even though we are many miles away! Really hope to join you all on your very special day in August. Love to you all from the Simpsons in England xxx Special hugs to Mary from Rachael xx  
David & Janet Simpson  
Congratulations! Will look forward to August when family and friends gather to celebrate your very special day.  
Larry and Mary Ann Stewart  
Phil, Congratulations on the engagement. I wish the two of you the very best, and look foward to seeing you in the fall.  
John Klinkenberg  
This website is awesome-just like the two of you! Love the photos. Seven months from today is your wedding-can't wait!  
Nancy and Kent Shields  
All the pictures are so cute! I love the finished website...can't wait to see you guys next week when I'm back in Omaha!!!  
Mary Shields  
Me again. (Need to fix my last sentence) You are the best couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Megan McVoy  
Yahoo! August can't come soon enough!!! You the best couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Megan McVoy  
Congrats to both of you! I am so happy and excited for your wedding day!! Time sure has flown and August is just around the corner! Great pictures of you two. See ya soon. Jackie  
Jackie Rushlau  
I am so happy for you guys!!!!! I can't believe my best friend since first grade is getting married! I am so honored to be a part of the big day!  
Lisa Asmussen  
We're so excited, counting down the days until the big event! All the pictures show your true connection to one another; we couldn't be happier for the two of you! Lots of Love!!!  
Nancy, Kent, and Mary  
I love you both! I am so proud of you guys and am excited for this wedding! Let's have fun!  
Jan Zegers  
Save the date: August 8th, 2009. We can't wait to see you all there!  
Angie and Phil